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Moving out

Serving notice

If you wish to leave your home you must serve at least* one months’ notice. This should be done in writing or email and in accordance with your tenancy agreement. *some landlords may ask for a longer notice period, please check your tenancy agreement.

You can also call our tenancy department 0333 240 6044 to make us aware of your intentions but the notice will only be accepted once confirmed in writing.

email to: [email protected]

or post to:

Tenancy Department
Girlings Retirement Rentals
Glanville House
Frobisher Way

We will then contact you to confirm your end date and advise you of the next steps; including a check out inspection and the return of your deposit.


Cleaning costs and unpaid rent are the top reasons why deposit money is withheld when a tenant moves out of a rented property.

Once the check-out has been conducted, the property has been cleaned to a satisfactory standard and Girlings has received instructions regarding the deposit from the landlord, the money will be returned to your account, less any agreed deductions. This typically takes 10 working days and generally no more than 28 days.

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